Most Liveable Cities 1st: Bursa

Bursa rises to the first place among living cities!

Bursa has risen to the first place among the habitable cities in Turkey. Numbeo, one of the largest databases in the world where 5,237 cities were regularly entered by 223 thousand 73 users, revealed the results of his research. In the order of ‘low crime rate’ and ‘safety rate’, 6 provinces of Turkey have achieved this success. While Bursa was in the 48th place in 2015, it rose to 28th place in 2016. With these figures, Bursa became the most livable city in Turkey. The main measurement values ​​of Bursa according to Turkey are as follows: Crime rate is 18.45 percent, crime rates increased 32.56 percent in the last 3 years, 23.26 percent worried about being robbed, 19.19 percent worried about driving a car, 19.77 percent worried about physical attack due to color, ethnicity or religion, 23.26 percent drug use and drug users, The problem of corruption and bribery is 24.42 percent, 86.63 percent of daytime and nighttime alone can walk safely. On the other hand, with the rise in other categories, success in security dimension has raised Bursa among the most livable cities in Turkey.

Source: Milliyet