Sait Zorlu Construction and Zorlusan Engineering was founded in 1993 and has been continuing its activities since then.


First of all in Bursa, then Dinar and Isparta completed the most beautiful and functional projects. Up to now dozens of buildings and hundreds of apartments have been completed and delivered. Each of our apartments is designed and built with an aesthetic and functional understanding. Ground surveys are carried out and the basic system and static calculations are carried out as a result of the necessary geophysical and geotechnical studies. All these applications are inspected by our building inspection firms.

We assist our customers with different service options during construction phase. Sait Zorlu construction is one of the major construction companies producing quality housing in Bursa.

Sait Zorlu Insaat, which brings maximum quality to the foreground in all projects, aims primarily for the residents to continue their lives in comfortable and peaceful places.

Sait Zorlu Construction carries out all its activities in accordance with its quality, environment and occupational health and safety policy.

On this journey as Sait Zorlu Construction;

Providing quality and reliable products to our customers by fulfilling all our activities in compliance with legal regulations, Establishing and developing systems to increase the satisfaction of our customers and our employees, Making necessary activities to raise the quality, environment and health and safety standards of our contractors, suppliers and employees, To take necessary precautions to eliminate environmental risks at source, to constantly observe and improve, to take necessary measures to reduce natural resource consumption, to reduce the amount of waste by taking care to use materials that have the possibility of recycling and re-evaluation, Supervision and incentives; Quality, environmental and occupational health and safety performance.

Our management will always be your first task to ensure that our commitment reaches as many people as possible and is adopted by all our employees.