250 thousand Arab Tourists are expected.

The target of Bursa is 250 thousand Arab Turists.

Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) South Marmara President Mehmet Akkus said that they aim to catch figures of Arab tourists last year.
Arab tourists from the Gulf countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates redirected their bookings made in the Black Sea Region back to Bursa in August. Mehmet Akkus, the president of TÜRSAB Güney Marmara, stated that tourists from all over the world came to Bursa. “But tourists who will satisfy and satisfy us will only get the tourists coming from the Middle East. They are Arab tourists who will be our tourist. We are working on this. Since 1980 Bursa has been giving much importance to Arab tourism. We can say that after the holiday of the sacrifice, Allah will choose a serious number of Arab tourists in Bursa. ”

Mehmet Akkus underlines that Arab tourists have a very good relationship with Bursa and shopkeepers. “Arab tourists continue their visit to Bursa despite the fact that they are living in the present situation. They continue to invest. Since the beginning of the season we are working to provide better service to our guests from the Middle East. We spend more than one night trying to stay here, “he said.

Mehmet Akkus explains that Arab tourists preferred the Black Sea last season and early this season, “Arabia was preferred because of the negative weather in Bursa. According to our research, this corresponds to 30 percent. But at the moment we were able to bring back half of this rate. We are trying to bring more of it to Bursa. We can accomplish this if we are united with public institutions and organizations. Because everything they want is in Bursa. Bursa has many features, from mountain to sea, from waterfall to green, from Ottoman culture to modern life. In the Black Sea there are only 1 or 2 day programs available. Arab coup attempt in Turkey was also anxious. But the Arabs who constantly come to Bursa and invest in Bursa do not listen to anything. Last year, we would like to arrest 250 Arab tourists this year. For the coming year, our goal is to host 1 million tourists, “he said.

Source: Milliyet